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Feb 29

The Woman In Black. A Movie Review

If you fear Spoilers, turn back while you still can.

I write this for those of you who are not entirely sure that you want to see the movie, for fear of a disappointing ending. I want to prepare those who will still enjoy the film without any regrets.

Arthur Kipps is a struggling junior solicitor. Grim and quiet is his attitude due to his wife dying in child birth to bear his son years earlier. He is fighting for the right to keep his job at the firm,  and is consequently given a special job in Crythin Gifford. He must retrieve all the necessary paperwork from a house cut off from the rest of the village by a marsh in high tide. The House belonged to a woman of the name of Mrs. Drablow. She hung herself after the dreadful occurrence of her son, being lost in the marshes. The body was never recovered, and neither was her revenge.

 As you can expect, The man is willing and quite desperate to keep his job, and so, he travels to Crythin Gifford. Children are hidden away in the village, and all the civilians are fearful of any outsider. The superstition was, if anyone went to that old house, and you were seen by the woman in black, a child would be selected by that woman to seduce into suicide. Arthur decides after a couple children’s deaths and the likely chance of his sons death as well, to find and reunite Mrs Drablow’s son’s body with the ghost.

If you are easily disturbed by scary movies, perhaps it is best to not be subjected to this one. The only thing I might identify for irritating movie making would be, the predicable SLAM sound we hear whenever something scary happens. Does this sound familiar? This Slam (Which sounds exactly like someone shoving a drawer closed with great anger) is treated a Que for every little scary thing. You jump five feet in the air, and in doing so by impulse, accidentally scare your friends watching it with you. Personally, I think it is far scarier when everything is quiet.

On another note: Strangely enough, I rate horror movies with comparison to Silent Hill. Why? Gruesome-o-Meter. 1 through 10, being that Silent Hill is 10. Many would disagree that This movie is the worst, but this is my experience, and I do not plan on seeing anything more gruesome than 10.

This movie ranks an 8 1/2. 

I have learned from constant movie watching, that there is one notable type of viewer to this movie.

This viewer is called the ‘Fool’, who wants to be fooled into an alternative perspective, time, and place. This person wants to be immersed in an alternative reality and is entranced to the story line. 

The viewer called the ‘Thinker’ might be angered by the ending. I know I was.

With that said, I also believe that This movie, although with a potential to be amazing overall, tripped at the finish line of movie greatness. The ending is sullen and heavy with anticlimax. Kipps went through an entire journey of fathom and fear to save his son, only to die with his son.


I racked my brain in ways they could have done it better, that the ghost could have been defeated somehow within holy help. However, the idea of the film is that possibly, intervention never really happens with mortals.


I have come to an acceptance of their death knowing in real world, Kipps would have been in agony if he did not die with his son. -Consequence in meddling with the affairs of the woman in black of coarse. And So, with Kipps and his son dying, they were reunited with his wife and mother. 

I personally don’t like it, but it is completely logical ending.

And so, if you decidedly take issue with my assessment, here is a Danny Rad picture.