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I find it great and sad to behold, that our stories are all untold.

Feb 25

Sensitivity Thought #1

Meandering Thoughts. Please feel free to inject your input; agreed or disagreed equally encouraged.

Quite often, sensitivity is widely seen as weak, easy, and inferior to the famous ‘winners’ of this lifetime, or the next, or the 100th empty lesson. 

Let me be frank with my first sentence though, sensitivity isn’t easy, it is hard to face the truth an not dilute your life with illusion. -However, it can backfire and change reality to, “Did that just happen”, to: ” I can’t remember”. People thrive on illusion, and therefore fool themselves with the lies rather than open their eyes to the truth. Me? I can’t remember what happened in my younger years. Why? I think it had something to do with bullying/schoolyard abuse, but that is just a brief and small example.

Sensitivity bring us to our next word, Weakness. Is it weak to show pure terror, pain, anger, happiness, or sorrow? Should one shroud how they really feel in their twisted rehearsed mind, rather than humbly address them? I cannot fathom why.

Lastly, I must stress the last word, “inferior”. What makes a person Inferior? Is it derived from weakness? Does it open the door for easy feelings? It can’t. How can a person find the easy route in life when suffering all that makes us human. No. The deitys and gods are weak, because they cannot imagine living for themselves. We are the lumps of clay that they are so jealous of. They Always existed. They are simply bored and unimaginative. We on the other hand, have everything to lose.

I cry my salt, and you shall wither away from it, hide away from it, Concede to wallow in illusion from it; the Delusional Golems of Time.

Beautiful Photo, not of my artwork.